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5:30-6:00 Beginner/advanced beginner Baton
5:45-6:15 Intermediate/advanced intermediate Baton
6:15-7:00 Hip Hop (grades 3-6)
7:00-7:45 Dance Friends Teen
3:45-4:30 Ballet, Tap, Jazz (preschool)
4:30-5:45 Ballet, Tap, Jazz (grades 2-4)
5:45-6:15 Teen Tap
6:15-7:00 Teen Jazz
 7:00-7:30 Teen Lyrical
7:30-8:15  Teen Ballet
8:15-8:45 Teen Pointe
 4:15-5:30  Ballet, Tap, Jazz (kindergarten/grade 1)
5:30-6:15 Dance Friends Kids
6:15-7:00 Adult Tap
7:00-7:45 Adult Jazz
8:45-9:30                 Ballet and Tap (Preschool)
9:30-10:45               Ballet, Tap, Jazz (grades k-2)
10:45-12:30             Ballet, Tap, Jazz (grades 4-6, intermediate, advanced intermediate)

​What to Wear:  Any color leotard and tights for classes containing ballet, hip hop and baton wears comfortable clothes and shoes not worn outside, baton 

Shoes:  check with instructor but typically pink ballet, black tap, black jazz

*Dance friends is a class geared towards dancers who need smaller class instruction for a variety of reasons including developmental physically, emotionally, or cognitively. Anyone is welcome to this class